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Natural Magick Spell Kits are fun and magick rolled into a shiny package! Most of them have just about everything you need for successful execution. Any required items that are not included are clearly listed. Each different spell is individualized, and they are interesting and fun Spell Kit instructions are included but of course you are invited to personalize and adapt the spell to fit your circumstances. Because they are so pretty, they are highly giftable forms of Natural Magick!

$30 packaged spell kit  

Spell to Find a New Place for Home or Business

When you are looking to find a new place, often your need is great. This spell kit harnesses that power along with the power of money and the very potent agency of place spirits. Spirits of place are woefully unacknowledged in our culture, so it is my belief that when you pay them homage, they really appreciate it.

This spell has been used very successfully by a number of folks I know, myself included. In fact, I invented it when I was trying to find a place for a magick shop. On the second drive-thru in the neighborhood I got a little tug to go two blocks further than I did the last time. And there was my place, a sublease on exactly the terms I was looking for. We had a very successful venture there for seven years. It is my intention that this spell will bring as satisfying returns to your search. So mote it be.

Best performed just after the New Moon, on a Monday for a home, Thursday for a business.

This spell kit includes:
Lucky bath herbs

one each yellow, orange and green mini candles

Prosperity incense and charcoal

lucky hand charm and sachet cloth and cord

Lucky oil

Not included:
map that includes the places you want to find a place

jar full of coins

Best performed just after the New Moon, on a Monday for a home, Thursday for a business.

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