Magic Spells

Natural Magick Spell Kits are fun and magick rolled into a shiny package! Most of them have just about everything you need for successful execution. Any required items that are not included are clearly listed. Each different spell is individualized, and they are interesting and fun Spell Kit instructions are included but of course you are invited to personalize and adapt the spell to fit your circumstances. Because they are so pretty, they are highly giftable forms of Natural Magick!

$25 packaged spell kit  

Spell for Productive Study

The processes of learning are especially adaptable to techniques of Magick. This spell for productive study turns your humdrum academic habits into a sacred practice. There is enough supply in this spell kit for at least three nights worth of study, and once you have your ritual you will be able to re-supply easily and affordably.

This spell kit includes:
four purple votive candles

Mental power oil

Study incense and charcoals

Sophora seed mojo

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