Room Sprays

Natural Magick Room Sprays were invented at the request of a customer. She had just moved into a college dorm, and her room really needed to be smudged out, but the dorm had very strict rules against the burning of anything on the premises. So I just mixed the essential oil base of the Purification oil into a spray bottle with a base of water and grain alcohol. It became immediately apparent that some of the Natural Magick line oils were very appropriate as room sprays.

These sprays are ritually crafted and very strong. There is enough alcohol in the base to keep the atomizer from getting clogged, but not enough to actually dissolve all of the essential oils. Shake them well to disperse the oils evenly before spraying. Be very careful not to get this mist into your eyes, or to inhale it. The essential oils are very strong, and the alcohol is too. The scents from most of these will last just a short time. They are used mostly for short-term effects, unless you use them often over a period of time.

$11 1 oz. spray bottle  

Banishing Room Spray

The formula in my Banishing oil is especially appropriate for a room spray. When you spray this stuff, you get an affect like you are using a strong bug spray, to get rid of the pesty bugaboos!

In fact, most of the ingredients in this formula are also often found in natural pest repellent products. This is another case of overlapping mundane and magickal applications. Banishing Room Spray is formulated on the night of the Dark Moon, to enhance the diminishing powers of the Moon in that phase. Use it to rid your home of unwanted energies, poltergeists or other unwelcome spirits or presences.

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