Miscellaneous Mojo

These are the potions and notions that don't fit my other categories.

Four Thieves Vinegar is the only potion concocted from vinegar, and Hot Foot and Graveyard Dirt are powders used very differently from the incenses.

The Mountain Laurel necklaces are also jewelry, but they have their own magickal powers in the wearing.

Future items?

This page is where you might find my REAL Dragon's Blood ink, if I ever get close to the perfect formula. Also I might offer odd items like clothes pegs, railroad spikes, lodestones, magnetic dust, pixie dust, or voodoo dolls, stones and minerals, one-of-a-kind items or small lot things I don't intend to carry after they sell out.

Enjoy these oddities and miscellanities!

$6 1/2 oz. bottle  

Tincture of Benzoin

Tincture of Benzoin is called for as an ingredient in many magickal and cosmetic formulations. It is an excellent natural preservative which became substituted with artificial preservatives like sodium benzoate in processed food and cosmetic products.

Natural Magick uses raw benzoin resin, fresh ground, steeped in distilled alcohol according to moon phase. The benzoin dissolves into the liquor over the course of two weeks. The resulting tincture is completely saturated with benzoin, and there is no way you could get more active ingredient into this product. It smells like balsam or vanilla, woody, resiny, sweet, and blends well with any cosmetic product that needs a preservative.

Magickally, it is used for enhancing spiritual vibrations, and for prosperity and success rituals. I've also heard of it being used for courage and to overcome shyness.

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