Before I started Natural Magick potioneering, I was a craft jewelry maker. My jewelry line is called The Muggle Smuggler, and is guaranteed to be non-magickally crafted and suitable for Muggle enjoyment, unless otherwise labeled.

Most of my jewelry craft is semiprecious gemstones beads linked together with wire in pigtail links. This technique creates a very durable jewelry piece that can last several lifetimes or centuries! If one link breaks, you may lose one bead, but the piece can easily be repaired. I have gone crawling for miles while caving, hiking through thick Cedar thickets, generally living my rough and tumble lifestyle wearing these bracelets and I've managed to break only a couple over the course of twenty some-odd years.

These are mostly one-of-a-kind pieces. I prefer these simple designs and easy-to-wear color schemes that you can toss on without consulting your Pantelle palette. Wear them for a formal occasion or with t-shirt and jeans!

$75   unique one-of-a-kind necklace
$25   unique one-of-a-kind bracelet

Apatite and Silver Necklace

These dreamy blue green Apatite beads were a lucky find! The large ones are 12mm and barely translucent. I set them off with 6mm stardust silver beads. In between are links of seven small tumbled Apatite beads which are very clear and blue. Apatite is used for weight loss, communication, and creativity. I also believe it has Stellar Intelligence and can be used to communicate with Deep Space and Stars. This necklace is made with handmade links of silver wire. The matching bracelet, not shown, uses only the smaller beads, with three Apatite beads per silver bead, and is 8 inches long.

This necklace goes on over your head. It has no clasp and will hang to mid chest on most people. It will show well against any skin tone and most fabrics. Not quite 26 inches all around.
If you look at this photo, you will notice at the bottom, the necklace is missing a silver bead. I went back and fixed that, so it is properly symmetrical now!

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