Essential Oils

Natural Magick Shop uses and extensive array of essential oils. Essential oils are distilled from plants, woods, flowers, resins,etc., so they are naturally-derived products. Fragrance oils or perfume oils are synthetic products from a laboratory, and are man made products. If you want these, you will find them clearly distinguished as fragrance oils on my Perfumes page.

I get my essential oils from highly trusted suppliers who buy their stock on the international market. I don't always buy the absolute highest quality essential oils, but I do when it really matters! For blending into my Spirit Guide oils, Deity oils, and Magick oils, I try to stike the optimum balance between value and quality. If you are making your own potions, these are as high quality as you need to get a good value and product. I have hundreds of essential oils, so if you don't see what you are after in this section, ask and I probably have it, and I will quote you a price to buy from my Special Orders shopping cart. If I don't have it or you want bulk quantities, I can probably get it for you within a week or two.

$10   1/8 oz. vial
$19   1/4 oz. vial

Jasmine, Real Jasmine Absolute, 10% in coconut oil (perfume)

I have yet to meet a synthetic Jasmine that didn't give me a "Third Eye Headache," the icky ache in your forehead that many people get from synthetic fragrances. So for this I will stick to the Real Thing. My Jasmine is a true absolute of Jasmine, Jasminium sambaac diluted in fractionated coconut oil enough to be a affordable as a single-scent perfume.

I can package this product in whatever size you want, although I can't guarantee I always have larger quantities in stock. If I don't have a link for the size you are after, use the Special Order link at the bottom of my pages and fill in the blanks.

1/6 oz roller applicator bottle $15

1/8 oz $10

1/4 oz $19

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