Dream Pillows

Dream pillows are a way to engage the transformative power of the dreaming and subconscious mind. The scents of plants and flowers settle into a very deep part of the brain and spiritual body when inhaled during sleep. The effects are more subtle and more profound, and take a longer time to manifest. They will last about four or six months. If it still smells good, it is still magickally potent.

These pillows contain herbs, flowers and/or stones, and are ritually crafted in the Natural Magick way to maximize the intention.

Bogey Bye-Bye Pillow. Try Bogey Bye-Bye pillow especially if you are troubled by nightmares. This is another "dream pillow" which actually helps minimize dreaming. This pillow is most often used for children who have periods of bad dreams.   $9 dream pillow   more info... Good Night Dream Pillow. Good Night is a quieting blend for people who have trouble sleeping. Lavender helps close down the third eye, minimizing disturbing dreams, spirit contacts etc.   $9 dream pillow   more info...
Marital Bliss Pillow. This pillow includes sweetly fragrant herbs that support fidelity and a loving, affectionate, and sexually satisfying relationship. Marital Bliss also includes Basil for its anti-bickering properties.   $9 dream pillow   more info... Psychic Phenomenon Dream Pillow. My Natural Magick ingredient for Psychic Phenomenon Dream Pillow comes from a lovely tree, Acacia farnesiana, called "Huisache" (WEE-sach as gringos pronounce it) in Tejas, but the French call it Cassie and grow it extensively for the perfumery industry. I gather the honey-scented flowers during their brief bloom period for this dream blend.   $9 dream pillow   more info...

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