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What is a brew? A brew implies an alchemical transformation of a solid of some sort, into a liquid of some sort. Beer is brewed, and little yeasties change the sugars into alcohol in your stein. Or you can make a simple cup of tea, and the heat and contact with water extracts the active ingredient of an herb, or the tasty parts, into the beverage in your cup.

So this is a broad category, and one of the main studies of the Potioneer. But to broaden the category further, you could include any decoction or infusion of an herb (or formula of herbs) into any liquid menstruum, including water, alcohol, and vinegar. Some might be intended for consumption, but others might be used for other spell or ritual purposes. For example, my Four Thieves Vinegar is a brew of herbs extracted into Vinegar that is not meant to be drunk. But herbalists make Fire Ciders which are Vinagar based brews that are dosed for internal consumption to prevent or treat infections. You can make a tincture of Benzoin which is used to preserve salves and lotions but would not be good to drink. This is an example of an alcohol-based brew that you would not drink. However, you can use Vodka or grain alcohol (because alcohol is an excellent solvent) to extract the active ingredients from a magickal or medicinal herb. You could drink this sort of brew and enjoy both the spirits of the herbs and the intoxication of the alcohol. You can make infusions or decoctions of edible herbs to drink as teas, or you could make a "tea" of toxic or bad-tasting herbs to use for nonconsumptive purposes, like Mandrake for your scrying bowl, or Alkanet for your exorcism asperger. A simmering pot, where you simmer herbs in a pot of water to fragrance the witches' kitchen, would be another example of a nonconsumptive brew.

The brews on this page are to make teas out of. They are magickal in nature and non-toxic when prepared as herb teas. Some of them can be steeped into alcohol for a stronger brew. You could also use some imagination to find excellent non-consumptive uses for these brews. For example, the Full Moon Brew would be excellent to wash or consecrate your crystal bal or scying mirror.

For more detailed information and instruction for Kitchen Witch brew techniques, refer to my article, "Perfect Cuppa Brew."

Aphrodite's Beltane Brew. Aphrodite's Beltane Brew is a stimulating, spicy and romantic blend to get you in the mood. It smells and tastes great as an herb tea by itself, or brewed into other beverages.   $9   more info... FruiTonic Tea. FruitTonic Tea is different from most commercial fruit-flavored teas which are flavored with "natural flavorings." Who knows what that is? FruiTonic Tea blend gets a whalloping fruit taste from dried fruits like Elderberry, Hawthorn Berries, Bilberry Leaf, Lemon and Orange Peel, and as it turns out, these are all high in Vitamin C, Bioflavinoids and antioxidants. A nutritional, tonic blend.   $11 2 oz.   more info...
Full Moon Brew. Full Moon Brew is a tea version of the Full Moon bath. Bright, mellow, relaxing, emotionally harmonizing, this tea is compounded of Moon-ruled herbs on the Full Moon. Even if you have no other ritual planned for the Full Moon, you can at least enjoy a cup of ritual brew for the occasion!   $9 1 oz.   more info... Snot Buster Tea. Snot Buster Tea should rightfully be called "Trikatu." This is an Ayurvedic tea recipe used to improve agni (digestion) for the purpose of eliminating mucus, both in the gut and in the sinuses. I have taken the liberty of renaming this formulation for marketing purposes. Many people have reported remarkable relief from allergy symptoms from using this tea. It is very sweet/hot/spicy so it is easy to imagine it really busting up the snot.  
more info...

$7 1 oz.

$13 2 oz.

Witches Visions Brew. Witches' Visions Brew is made from all the less toxic vision herbs, including real homegrown ritually harvested Dittany of Crete. Galangal and a good bit of Mugwort are also included for a dreamy, imaginative blend. It is formulated ritually on either the Wednesday or Monday immediately preceding the Full Moon.   $13 1 oz.   more info... Yule Mulling Spice. Yule Mulling Spice is a fairly traditional holiday mulling spice mix, which tastes great in either red wine or apple cider/apple juice. When it is brewing on the stove top, there is no doubt that it is the holidays! Redolent with cheering, warming Allspice, Cinnamon, and Star Anise, you'll want Yule Mulling Spice for any occasion from Thanksgiving til the weather gets warm.   $13 2 oz.   more info...

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