Much of the tradition of Western magick is based on the powers of plants. In this section I hope to make available some home-grown high quality and hard to find herbs, as well as some store-bought items of particular interest. I stock hundreds of herbs for my product lines, so if you don't see what you want, just ask.

$17 flower and herb, 1/4 oz.  

Dittany of Crete

Dittany of Crete is a beautiful flowering herb related to Oregano. Highly prized as an herb to attract and help spirits to manifest, and as aid in astral projection, Dittany (Origanum dictamnus) is pretty much commercially unavailable. That is why I grow it myself and harvest it ritually for Natural Magick Shop. Add it to incenses or burn alone for any workings involving astral projection or calling spirits. I use it in my Astral Projection incense, my Wizard Visions smoking herbs, and as the focus herb in my Astral Projection oil.

I have long wondered why nobody offers Dittany of Crete for sale as a dried herb. It is quite easy to grow, if you have a Mediterranean climate, as I do here in Central Texas. I think the answer is that while it is easy to grow, it is very difficult to process as a dried herb. I do have to manually strip the leaves and flowers from the spider-webby thin branches, and probably not many other growers have the patience to do it. The result is pleasing though, lots of billowy pink flowers with not much stem at all. It does take a while to accomplish, so it may take a bit long for me to fill these orders.

Cunningham says, "The juice of the dittany drives away venomous beasts, so smear some onto your body before venturing out where they live." Now there is not much juice in this dry little herb, but it smells strongly of oregano, so it might be useful in repelling pests and infectious disease.

catherine yronwood also assigns Dittany with love spells and love divinations. Since most folks couldn’t tell its flavor from Oregano, a romantic Italian meal substituting Dittany for Oregano might be a perfect love spell. Or you could add a pinch of it to my Love or Divination incense to attempt to see a vision of your true love. The plant is really so pretty when it is in bloom, and the flowers are pink, so it is easy to see the love association.

The below correspondences are vis Cunningham, Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs in plain text, C.L. Zalewski, Herbs in Magic and Alchemy in brackets, or my own interpretations in parenthesis.

Gender: Feminine

Element: Water (Air)

Planet: Venus (Mercury) [Mercury]

Zodiac: (Libra) [Gemini]

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