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Affiliate Program

by Michael Bluejay, Cedar's webmaster

Who can join

Our affiliate program is available only to web publishers who get at least 500 visitors per day, and who pass muster with Cedar.  For the first 12 years of this site we allowed anyone to join, but literally 93% of them didn't refer a single sale to us, because their sites don't get enough traffic.  Having hundreds of people sign up for a program that they can't expect to make any money from just wastes their time, and ours.  If you have a high-quality, high-traffic site, send us an email asking to join the affiliate program, being sure to tell us about your site and how much traffic it gets.

Affiliates who already signed up before we pulled the plug on low-volume affiliates get to stay in the program...for now.  In the future we might remove affiliates who don't meet a certain threshold for referring sales.

What's the summary?

  • Link to us and we'll pay you 10 to 13% of the sales from customers that click over to us.
  • You get credit on all future sales for customers you send our way, not just their first sale.
  • Our linking code is super-simple: https://NaturalMagickShop.com?YourCode
    (Substitute your own code, of course.)
  • You can deep-link to any individual page the same way, e.g. https://NaturalMagickShop.com/magic-oils/?YourCode
  • Our cookies don't expire, so you'll get credit for sales even if visitors you refer don't buy right away.
  • We have a two-tier program: Refer new affiliates and we'll pay you 2.5% of whatever sales they generate.


How do I get paid?

We pay by your choice of:
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Store Credit

Store Credit is the easiest way to redeem your earnings, because you can do it instantly, for any amount.  The threshold to get a cash payout is $25 in earnings, but there's no minimum for Store Credit.  If you refer a $6 sale and earn sixty cents, you can use that sixty cents as Store Credit.  Go you!  And you can use your Store Credit on any item in the store, even the magic wands, and even shipping costs.  We try hard to make it easy for you.

For a cash payment, you can request a PayPal payout or check as soon as your earnings are $25 or more.  We send you a message after every sale you generate, letting you know how much you just earned and what your total unpaid earnings are, so you can track where you're at.


What's not allowed in how I promote Natural Magick Shop?

You can link to us from your own website, and that's it.  You cannot promote us in any other way, including web forum posts. You extra cannot promote us by any kind of email.  We have a strict anti-spam policy.  We'll suspend the account and forfeit the earnings of any affiliate who promotes us through spamming.

We also disallow any kind of cookie-stuffing, including but not limited to popups, redirects, or embedding urls that cause a request to our sever without an actual human visit.  This program is only for real clicks from real people on a bona fide link on your actual website, and that's it.  Abusers get treated the same way as spammers, above.

We're really nice people.  Play nice with us, and we'll play nice back, and everyone will be happy.  But if you try to abuse us then we'll simply find other friends.


What's better about your affiliate program vs. the others?

  • Generous commissions. Amazon pays 4 to 8.5%, and in the magick market, two of our big competitors pay only 8% and 10% respectively. By contrast, we start out by paying you 10%, and go as high as 13%.  We might not pay the most of absolutely everybody, but our payout is definitely on the generous side.

  • We have good customer conversion.  Some affiliates compare programs by looking only at their payout percentages.  But what's more important is how many sales you'll make when you refer visitors to them. What good is a high payout if the merchant site is lame and can't actually close the sale? By contrast, when you refer visitors to us, it's super-easy for them to find what they want and actually check out. I personally designed our site from the ground-up to be as customer-focused as possible. I aggressively minimized the number of clicks required to find products, add them to the cart, and check out. And since we use PayPal checkout, anyone who already has a PayPal account won't have to waste time typing in their name, address, and credit card number.  (The ordering system still works even if they don't have a PayPal account, of course, though such customers will need to type in their billing info.) Next, we provide excellent descriptions of each of our products. Many of the other magick websites don't tell you squat about the product other than the name or the price.  What's up with that?  Finally, our products are ritually-crafted by a bona-fide witch with years of experience, and we make that clear from page one. In short, visitors like shopping here because they have an easy experience, can get all the information they need, and because they know the quality of the products is first-rate.

  • Deep-link your heart out. You can link to any product page or article on our site, not just the home page, and get credit for the referral, by simply adding ?YourCode to the end of the url.  For example: https://NaturalMagickShop.com/magic-oils/Air-oil.html?YourCode.  (Substitute your own code, of course.)

  • Our cookies last.  If you send a visitor to a site but they don't get around to making a purchase until four months later, will you get credit for the sale?  With us, you will.  At almost every other site, you won't.  It's a dirty little secret that most other affiliate programs set their referrer cookies to expire soon; more than half expire in 30 days or less, and Amazon's expire in 24 hours!  But our cookies don't expire.  If your visitor comes back later, even much later, and their cookie is still there, you still get credit for the sale.

    We can't control whether visitors delete their cookies or not, but we can set them to last, and unlike the other guys, we do.

  • You get credit even if return customers delete their cookies. When you refer someone to us who makes a purchase we tag them in our database with your affiliate code, permanently. Whenever we make a sale and there's no affiliate cookie, we'll search for the customer in our database by various combinations of name, email address, city, state, and zip code. If we find that customer has made a previous purchase, and your affiliate code was attached to that previous purchase, you'll still get credit for the sale.

  • Our affiliate login page is easy to find. I don't know how many affiliate programs I've joined where the signup for the program is super-easy to find, but once I've signed up and want to check how much traffic and sales I've referred, where the hell do they hide the login?! Seems like they were only interested in me when they wanted me to sign up, and now that I'm signed up, they don't give a damn.  Well, our login is right there at the top of this page. We don't even make you click over from this page to a login page, it's right here on this main affiliate page. We can't make it any easier.

  • We show you explicitly that you're getting credit for referrals. Here's how to check: Click on your own affiliate link to us, then add something to the shopping cart. At the very bottom right of the page you'll see "Recommended by ___" with the name of your website. How cool is that?! Don't you wish all your other affiliate programs did that for you? Heck, don't you wish any of your other affiliate programs did that for you?

  • We're up front about everything. Our affiliate program page explains everything you'd want to know, in explicit detail, and without any ambiguity. We tell you up front how long your cookie lasts, whether you get credit for repeat sales, that you get credit for repeat sales even if the original cookie is gone, and a bunch of other stuff. Other affiliate programs typically don't share all this info with you, so you're left in the dark. (Well, you could ask them about this stuff, but why should you have to?)

    Of course, if you prefer email, just send to affiliates(at)NaturalMagickShop.com.

    Ask your other affiliate programs:

    • Does your site really make it easy for visitors to become customers?
    • Can I deep-link to any page and still get credit?
    • Do you set a referral cookie that's good for at least a year?
    • Do I get credit for repeat purchases, even if the customer has deleted their cookie?
    • Am I automatically enrolled in a two-tier program?
    • Can I earn commissions my own purchases?
    • Can I use my commissions as store credit, even on shipping?
    • Do you show me exactly how to verify that my cookies are being set properly?
    • Does the affiliate FAQ explicitly tell me everything I want to know, without any ambiguity at all?

    Didn't think so. :)


How is it you can do things so much better than the other guys?

We're just bad-ass like that.


What's the full commission structure?

Sales you refer
per month
< $250 10%
$250 - 499 11%
$500 - $1312 12%
$1313+ 13%


Can I see how much traffic and sales I've referred to you?

Sure, it's a free country.  There's a login at the top of this page. Once you've signed up for the program, you can log in and check your stats whenever you like, 24/7.


Who gets credit for a sale, the first affiliate or the last affiliate?

Let's say Merlin refers a visitor to us, but that visitor doesn't buy anything. A week later, that same visitor clicks a link to us from Morgana's site and does make a purchase. Who gets credit for the sale?

With most programs, it's the last (most recent) affiliate who gets credit for the sale. The thinking is that whoever "closes the sale" should get the credit. But in our mind, that doesn't appreciate the value that the first affiliate provided. It's the first affiliate who got the customer acquainted with us and established the brand recognition. When the customer later clicked on the second affiliate's banner, it's likely because the first affiliate had already introduced her to us. So how did we solve this problem?

As is our custom, we invented a brand-new solution: We split the rewards 50-50 between both affiliates. We don't split the commission on each individual sale 50-50, because that would be a programming and accounting nightmare. Instead, whenever we get a referral from a second affiliate, we flip a virtual coin to see which affiliate gets that customer. Half the time the first affiliate will "own" that visitor, and half the time it will go to the second affiliate. We can't be any fairer than that.

Does any other affiliate program on the face of the Planet go this far to ensure fairness? Didn't think so. :)

Heck, if you ask how another affiliate program handles this, you might not even get an answer! On Skype's official affiliate forum, two different moderators failed to understand the perfectly-worded question from the affiliate about this, instead giving him useless "answers" like, "Just link to Skype and whenever someone from your site buys or subscribes ... you will earn a commission." (groan)

Note that our 50-50 deal above is only for visitors referred by multiple affiliates who haven't bought anything yet. Once you refer someone and they make a purchase, you "own" that customer, for life. Even if they click on other affiliate links after that.


Do I earn a commission on shipping or sales tax?

No, of course not.  What, are you nuts?


How do I promote Natural Magick Shop?

Just link to us from anywhere on your website using your code:

Don't forget to replace "YourCode" with your actual referrer code, which you specify when you sign up with us.

If you need the complete HTML code, this is it:

<a href=https://NaturalMagickShop.com?YourCode rel=nofollow>Hand-crafted pagan products</a>

Your link can be a banner ad, or a text link inside an article. We find that "editorial" links work best -- the kind inside an article, where you talk about our shop and/or its products.

Remember that you can deep-link to any individual page. So if you're writing about magick oils, you can link directly to our magic oils page like this: https://NaturalMagickShop.com/magic-oils?YourCode   You could link directly to the "How I Quit Smoking" article a similar way.

You can also set up a "mini-store" if you like, listing various products with pictures and linking directly to the product pages. Just make sure it's clear to visitors that you're listing our products, and that you're not selling the items yourself. (Identifying them as "from Natural Magick Shop" is usually sufficient, provided the page itself doesn't appear to be a Natural Magick Shop page.)

Although editorial links work best, below we have some banners in a variety of sizes you can use if you like. There's an example at right.


Affiliate Agreement

This agreement is between "you" (the affiliate webmaster) and "us" (Natural Magick Shop).

No spam or cookie-stuffing. You will promote us on your website only, and not through any other method or medium, but especially not web forum posts, spam, or cookie stuffing (including but not limited to popups, redirects, or embedding urls that cause a request to our sever without an actual human visit). This program is only for real clicks from real people on a bona fide link on your actual website, and that's it. Affiliates who violate these rules will be removed from the program and will forfeit any accumulated earnings.

No extra representation of our products, prices, or policies. When describing our products on your site, you may not make any claims that we do not make ourselves. For example, you cannot claim our products have any quality or powers beyond what we ourselves say on our site. You may also not make any claims about our policies (shipping, returns, etc.) contrary to what we ourselves say. Any price you list must be our actual price. If we change our descriptions, policies, or prices and yours become outdated, if you notice the new information on our site you will update your site without our asking. If we notice the outdated info on your site and inform you, you will update your site within a reasonable period of time.

Sales you refer
per month
< $250
$250 - 499
$500 - $1312
Sales by other
Affiliates you referred
Any amount
Commissions. You earn commissions:
  • on sales of new customers you refer to us
  • according to the schedule at right
  • on repeat sales (not just the initial sale)

You do not earn commissions on:

  • Existing customers. (If someone was our customer before they ever clicked your affiliate link and then they click your link later and buy again, you don't get credit for that.)
  • Sales tax or shipping charges.
  • Amounts paid for with store credit. (If someone pays for a $20 order with $15 in cash and $5 in store credit, you get credit for the $15.)
  • Failed Payments & Chargebacks. (If we never receive the customer's money or they take it back, then there is no profit to share with you.)
  • Returned products. (If a customer returns product and we refund their money, there is no profit to share with you.)
  • Clicks generated in non-approved mediums, such as spam or forum posts.
  • Sales resulting from anything other than a real human click on an ad, banner, picture, or editorial on your site directly to our site, where the link contains your affiliate code, in the proper format.
  • Sales from a customer you referred where we have no easy way of identifying you as the referrer.

How we track. When you send a visitor our way we set a 30-year cookie in their browser. Our ability to tie them to you on their first purchase rests on that cookie being there. If the customer deletes their cookies before they buy then we can't identify them as coming from you, and we can't credit you, and that's not our fault. But if a customer makes an initial purchase with their cookie intact, we'll tag them as your customer in our database, so if they make subsequent purchases even after deleting their cookies, we can try to match them to you through various combinations of via their name, email address, city, state, and zip code.

We are SO not responsible. We will never be liable to you for any special, incidental, or consequential damages. You also agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for any damages or costs incurred as a result of your violation of any law, regardless of whether they are actual, incidental, consequential, or punitive.

Termination of your account.  We can terminate your account for any reason.

Jurisdiction.This agreement is governed by Texas law, and any claim or suit arising out of or related to this agreement must be brought exclusively in courts located in Austin, Texas. You consent to exclusive jurisdiction of such courts.

General. By becoming an affiliate in our program, you agree to all the terms of this agreement. This is the full and complete agreement. We reserve the right to modify the terms of this agreement at any time, though if we do so we must notify you in writing. We are under no obligation to accept you into our program. Dude. Use of the word "Dude" in this agreement does not invalidate it.

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 By the way, here's the Wikipedia article on affiliate marketing

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